Empty Cup Media is a video/photo company serving clients in and around the Greater Toronto Area.

The company was started in 2005, by Colin Burwell – then fresh out of college. Today the business has grown to be a recognized name around the Durham Region and Toronto. The company consists of 3 employees: Colin – the aforementioned founder; Carla Sinclair – who moved to Ontario from B.C. (whom Colin married in 2012!); and Richard Bishop – a lifelong friend. What a team!

The name “Empty Cup Media”  is inspired by a Buddhist story. An American professor sat down with a Japanese Zen Master for some tea and to learn about Buddhism, Zen and enlightenment. The Zen Master poured tea into the professor’s cup until it began overflowing.“Stop! My cup is full!” cried the professor.“Then empty your cup.” The Zen Master replied.

Our business philosophy is to approach our clients with an ‘empty cup’. We let you tell us what you want, and we listen.