Colin Burwell

Colin graduated from the Broadcasting – Radio and Television Arts program at Conestoga College in 2005. He then built ‘Empty Cup Media’ from the ground up. After two years of running the company, he went back to school and attended Centennial College’s post graduate program Public Relations and Corporate Communications to help him expand his business. Since the spring of 2008, Colin has been running Empty Cup Media full time.

Through his job, Colin has the added perk of working with a wide variety of professionals. He’s done projects with musicians, health care professionals, educators, public relations teams, documentarians, sculptors and many other people of diverse talents. After witnessing 300+ weddings, he has shot roughly a dozen different types of ceremonies, providing a dynamic perspective to the many cultures of our world. Awesome.

There’s a camera in Colin’s hand every day. But when he isn’t shooting with his Canon C100, he will be found either in the garden or fixing up his house. He lives life by a pretty simple rule: Keep the things you love close to you and don’t worry about much else.

Carla Sinclair

Carla was handpicked to join Empty Cup in 2008 after demonstrating a diverse background in videography and graphic design.

Originally from New Brunswick, Carla picked up and moved west to British Columbia for a number of years where she studied at Selkirk College in Nelson, BC. Carla received 2 years of professional training in Multimedia Production and Design, and 1 year in International Digital Film where she finished her Advanced Diploma.

Since 2003 Carla has worked in a variety of media outlets including radio, television, and as a digital video instructor for youth. She loves teaching students how to focus their creativity by fusing their interests with the power of digital film.

Since arriving in Durham Carla has become heavily involved in multiple projects with the Durham District School Board including developing and instructing a grade 8 film and video elective, participating in the Artist in Residence program at Durham Alternative Secondary, as well as documentary and promotional work for school board initiatives.

Carla recently finished her first feature length documentary “Heal Myself” with the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign.


As the Director of First Impressions at Empty Cup Media headquarters Gryffin makes an effort (if he’s not sleeping or eating) to engage clients with his handsome face. Gryffin, a Pug/Boston Terrier, enjoys meeting our guests at the front door as well as being present for important meetings, demonstrating his dedication to his job requirements. A connoisseur of fine bones and comfy blankets he brings an inspiring level of energy – usually when we need it most.

Gryffin is a thoughtful little guy and doesn’t mind hiding away while guests with canine allergies visit. What a considerate co-worker! Maybe we’ll have to give him a raise – an extra treat perhaps?