Boxing: Sweet Science

Art Exhibition Promo

About This Project

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery held a boxing exhibit called “Boxing: The Sweet Science” to coincide with the 2015 Pan Am Games. Pete Doherty  is an amateur boxer and photographer who had some of his work in the exhibition. We made a shotlist of visuals that would pair boxing with photography. Then we spent a day in Toronto at the boxing gym that he trains at getting shots of Pete exercising, hitting the bag, and sparring with Colin in his steadicam. After the boxing was done, we shot an interview with him against a beautiful window at the magic hour.

We love this project because it was the fusion of many types of arts. The RMG also provided us with a level of autonomy that allowed us to get very creative with the edit. The RMG has new exhibits all the time so it’s important to visit every once and a while to see what’s new.

Crew Members

Cinematography, Editing: Carla Sinclair & Colin Burwell



Film & Video, Photography