Explorers at heart, we can be found documenting stories from around the globe. Invite us on your travels and capture adventure as it unfolds.

Travel & Adventure

Large groups or travel companies take us along to capture professional photo and video footage of a trip, then share the media content among the participants once the journey wraps. Whether simply for a memento, or for promotional purposes, nothing beats having stunning content to share of your adventures.


The Empty Cup team has experience shooting abroad for independent web series, feature and short documentaries. We have a mobile kit filled with lots of great tools for shooting on the go and an adventurous travel crew eager to explore.

Photo Journalism

If you need photos for magazine publications, blog posts, website or social media content, we can build a library of targeted photographs to complement your marketing strategy. Empty Cup can have a photographer + camera kit en route with relatively short notice.

Straight from the Portfolio

Browse a showcase of our most recent travel journalism projects.

Stories from our travels

Learn more about our recent travels abroad and where we’ve been filming.

We love the city we live in. Empty Cup has found an artistic family in Oshawa and are proud to be creating content to help share how we really feel about it. To us, Oshawa is a vibrant and creative community where there are many......

This was a life changing trip. For two weeks Carla and Colin traveled around South Africa with 20+ other people at the beginning of their spring season. We flew into Johannesburg and then a story-telling bus driver named Earnest drove us in a huge bus all......

Ireland is a beautiful country. We visited the Cliffs of Moher, Christ Church Cathedral (where some of the Game of Thrones was filmed), Dromoland Castle (a 15th century castle) and many Irish pubs. We took candid photos of the guests on the trip, landscapes and zero......

What a fun project! Empty Cup went camping for a night with this awesome family and put together a video to celebrate Sarah and Rob’s 10th wedding anniversary…congrats you two! Sarah had originally wanted a professional photo shoot, but when she stumbled across Empty Cup’s......