Corporate Videography Consultation

Make better videos in-house

Corporate Videography Consultation

What’s included in our video consultations?

Equipment Recommendations

Every business has slightly different video needs. We can make recommendations on the necessary equipment to make professional videos that suit the style you’re looking for. You don’t need a fancy camera to get started, but there are a few key things we think marketing and communications departments need that would be use regularly and would be worth the cost.

Equipment Education

Get the most out of the video gear you have already bought. Some products can serve multiple creative purposes and we can help shine a light on how to use your new bi-coloured LED light panel.

Feedback on your Existing Videos

Your videos are already pretty good! There’s just a few small tweaks that can be made to make similar content even stronger the next time. If we can put our finger on the pulse of where we can improve or use different creative strategies, then our videos will always improve. We use our own feedback criteria when assessing videos and can give a detailed report on what works and what doesn’t.

Resources to Plan and Write Promo Videos

Your promo video or YouTube channel video needs to be tight. We can help you boil your ideas down and say the important things in an efficient and creative way.

Basic Videography Shooting Vocabulary

Having the right words to describe camera movement, angles, compositions and cuts will help you write better ideas. Having a thorough film vocabulary can expand how you watch videos and will be able to deconstruct them so you could re-create some of the techniques.

Ideal Filming Locations at your Work

Learn how to identify a good film spot from a bad one. Filming in an office building or in your home can have opportunities and challenges. Colin can share the secrets behind finding the best spots to position your camera, simple modifications to make the space look more like a set and places you should avoid at all costs.


We can work with groups from 1-10 people


Online Corporate Video Consultation Cost

$50/hour. Average workshops book 3-5 one hour sessions that are spread out over several weeks.