Photography Workshop

Learn to master your DSLR camera

Photography Workshop

Get a new camera recently? Are you intimidated by all the buttons so you’re still shooting on automatic mode? Or are you ready to take your photography understanding to a professional level? Sign up for Colin’s three hour photography workshop and upgrade your skills! Class sizes are under five people, students can use any brand of DSLR camera, there are visual learning tools and take-home resources.



For beginners just learning their DSLR camera
Held at Empty Cup Media.

Learn how to change shutter speed, aperture and ISO
Secrets to get sharp images
How to set accurate colour temperature
Navigating the camera menu and settings
Basic composition
Future equipment you buy (lenses, flashes)



For those with a solid understanding of their camera and want to master the basics of their external flash.
Held at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery.

How to use features on external flash
Learn to use wireless triggers
Understand key elements for fill flash in daylight settings
Using flash as your main light source, or key light
Understanding manual flash, slow sync flash, flash zoom and white balance
Discover how to bounce and diffuse flash
Advanced theory of aperture and shutter speed
How to pose and direct people