School Programs

Have a filmmaker speak in your class

School Programs

As a media educator for nearly 10 years, Colin understands the balance of fun art projects and curriculum expectations. In just a half day of school, he can teach the students media literacy, provide them with hands-on learning experience and give teachers an opportunity to mark their students in a brand new lesson. He will bring in professional equipment to show the students and even bring cameras for the students to use themselves. Give your class a unique hands-on class experience by inviting Colin to speak to them about what he has learned about media literacy.

Photography Literacy Lesson $250
Half day program
Messages behind photos (angles, colours, composition)
Photoshop and photo manipulation
Ethics/dangers of augmenting photos for a youth audience
Creating their own photos with a fleet of student-cameras
Photo books/canvas prints are available for purchase

Video Literacy Lesson $250
Half day program
Understanding the messages behind video images (angles, colours, composition, movement)
How video editing can manipulate the real story
Shooting video with a fleet of student-cameras
The permanence of social media

Film Equipment Lesson $150
90 minute program
We’ll bring in a cart of film tools (steadicams, sliders, lights, slow motion cameras)
Understanding the message behind using different film tools
Film demonstrations to a class or school