Videography Portfolio Development

Turn your video hobby into a career

Videography Portfolio Development

What is Videography Portfolio Development?

If you are a student who loves videography and want to make money making videos then you need a portfolio. Before you earn your first dollar as a videographer, you have to prove you’re capable of delivering a good video. Your portfolio will prove to clients you are professional, creative and can produce a variety of types of videos. Colin can guide your love of video creation into a YouTube channel that can get you admitted to post-secondary school or to show to clients who are interested in hiring a videographer.

Feedback on your Videos

Do you have a main brand of video you already make? Share it with Colin and he’ll serve up a compliment sandwich (something good, stuff to improve upon, something good) so your next attempt will be even more nutritious.

New Video Skills to Develop

Colin can suggest new types of shooting or editing that will encourage independent learning to change the way you are making content. Learn from different film directors and YouTubers about how we can tweak our style to make very different videos.

Video Diversity

Having a channel filled with one style of video will only impress a narrow group of people. To make a more diverse portfolio that demonstrates a variety of skills, Colin can suggest new types of videos to create that would be of value in the corporate videography world.

YouTube Channel Structure

Make your video look pretty online for free. Organize your work so when potential clients visit your page it’s easy for them to find the content that relates to them.


Let’s take your eccentric ideas and focus them together

Online Portfolio Development

$50/hour. Average clients book 3-5 sessions over the course of several weeks.