Convoy to Remembrance Documentary

Short Documentary

About This Project

This is our second short documentary for the Regiment Museum here in Oshawa. For the Remembrance Day celebration of 2017, they wanted to pull out all the stops. They took 32 vehicles from their museum in one giant convoy and drove them down to Memorial Park. There were over 60 volunteers that day driving, cleaning, fixing, fueling and organizing. They hired Empty Cup to film the process leading up to November 11 and to have a crew on the ground during the big convoy. This is our first anamorphic film we’ve done and the aspect ratio suits the mood of the piece. The film isn’t only about the veterans; it’s about the volunteers and the family they’ve formed together over the years.

Update: This film was awarded the ‘Best Regional Film’ at the 2019 Durham Region International Film Festival!

The Teaser (1 minute)


The Feature Film (15 minutes)


Oshawa, Ontario

Crew Members

Director, Cinematographer and Editor: Colin Burwell

Secondary Cinematography: Carla Sinclair

Additional Camera Work: Lyra Allard

Photographer: Simon Mellick

Event Coverage, Film & Television