DSBCD and Blue Institute

Elite Dance School

About This Project

Madeleine Twyman runs the Durham School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance (DSBCD) and the Blue Institute in Whitby, and she has very big ideas. Her dance school is for elite dancers and she offers programming and lessons like a true entrepreneur. We have been asked by DSBCD on several occasions to film and photograph the team. The first video is a short documentary about a social experiment Madeleine did with her dancers where she challenged them to reduce screen time during the season to see the impact it would make on the dance. The second and third videos are social media posts we shot in between photos. We were able to pack in a lot of shots into a half day shoot and now Madeleine has hundreds of high quality photos of her team, a few promo videos and some stand alone slow motion video shots all to post on social media.

Working with Madeleine is a dream. She’s a brilliant artist, leader and choreographer and her art blends perfectly with ours. We hope to make more content with her for years to come.

We have also had the pleasure to get creative with her dance crew while filming them in slow motion in a few locations. We visited the Whitby Waterfront shortly after the Covid-19 lock down was eased and took photos and video shots while the team was dressed in all white. And before the lock down began we visited their studio near Thickson and Dundas and lit up the studio with DJ lights and video lights to capture some dancing at 180fps. These are totally awesome social media posts and in a single day we can film a lot of material to create a variety of these videos.



Whitby, Courtice

Crew Members

Director, Cinematographer: Carla Sinclair

Cinematographer, Editor: Colin Burwell

Film & Video, Photography