Oshawa Museum Promo Video

Promotional Video

About This Project

We are very proud to live in Oshawa. It has a rich culture and great stories about its past. The Oshawa Museum is located where Simcoe St. stops at Lake Ontario and features 3 heritage buildings from the 1800s (that may be haunted).

Carla and Colin visited the museum many times over several seasons to collect all the footage for the video. We also used some footage from a team of ghost hunters called “Proof” from one of their ghost hunts at the museum. It was nice to get to know the staff through some interviews we did and from visiting many of their annual events like the Lamp Lighting Tour and their Victorian Tea. Colin also filmed an old projector he had in the basement to pepper the museum’s video with some analog visuals. This video was Colin’s first project where he used ‘tracking’ in After Effects to pin some text to parts of the video shot.

We love this video because it has lots of dynamic After Effects uses, there’s a great mood shift when the video talks about the ghost hunts, and it makes Oshawa look beautiful. We hope you like it too!



Crew Members

Cinematographer, Editor: Colin Burwell

Additional Camera work: Carla Sinclair, Evan Harper

Event Coverage, Film & Video