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About This Project

When new businesses hit the market, they need a lot of social media content to post in a short period of time to grab visibility. So when Crystal Lee approached us about creating a social media campaign for her new Writers Group, we suggested creating a feature promo video along with 10+ 30 second social media videos. This strategy allows her business to stay at the top of news feeds with themed video material that keeps her new audience aware of her new writers group.

The video package included a feature promo, “Who is Crystal Lee”, membership details of her business, several videos of Crystal speaking candidly about writing topics, and artsy videos that are simply eye pleasing for Instagram. This is the most effective method of hiring Empty Cup to create content for a business. In a single day, and with enough planning, one shoot day can collect enough visuals to yield more than a dozen final products.

Email colin@emptycupmedia.ca if you think your business could benefit from a stack of beautiful videos you can spread out over social media.


Bridgenorth, Ont

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Cinematographer, Editor: Colin Burwell

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