Durham Region Anti-Ageism

Durham Region Anti-Ageism

The Region of Durham is one of our best clients. We create a wide range of different videos for various departments. The Region asked for Empty Cup Media’s help in making a public relations video helping to dispel some myths about seniors. The video we made is embedded in an anti-ageism page on the Region of Durham website.


Colin interviewed 7 people over a number of months (with covid pausing the filming for a handful of months) and shot some b-roll of the interviewee. Being a corporate videographer presents different shooting challenges all the time and there were a number of creative challenges for this shoot.

Colin needed to shoot some hype visuals to paint seniors as a kickass group who are capable of anything but the set up for each shoot bared minimal creative starting points. So to solve that, Colin relied on a popular method of shooting which is commonly called “dynamic handheld b-roll” which means holding the camera in your hands and creating whip cuts. It’s our job to make the ordinary extraordinary and when the props we are working with are books and pens, we need to stand on our heads to make those 5 final shots look really pro.

Our GH5 has incredible internal stabilization and can shoot 4K at 60fps and that’s a great combo for shooting dynamic handheld b-roll. It still needs a soft hand and practice to do well and we appreciate the opportunity to practice in the field.

There is a handful of stock video shots in the edit as well. We have a subscription to elements.envato.com and eventually found what we needed for the video. Those few shots really help the video look bigger. It’s not too often we need stock video shots but it’s so beautiful when we find the right one.