Dance Showcase Videos

The making of "The Anti-Protest"

Dance Showcase Videos

Lindsay Daniels, the choreographer at Maxwell Heights Secondary School, is a brilliant artist who we have had the pleasure of working with for nearly a decade. Working with other artists is the best way to step up our own skills. Art builds upon art, so when we filmed a practice session of one of Lindsay’s latest pieces, it inspired new types of editing so we could properly show the mood behind the dance piece.

“The Anti-Protest” is a dance that came out of the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017. Lindsay had many discussions with her class about what it felt like to see those riots on TV, and they build a dance around their feelings. This dance is their response to those riots.

This video we made is an explanation of the dance piece that was played right before the live showcase of the dance at their high school.

While we were shooting for this video, we also made two other videos that played in between dance numbers on the night of the showcase.

This one is about the curriculum based dance courses offered at Maxwell:

This one is features the perks of joining the after school dance program: