Business Video Consultation

Improve your in-house videos

Virtual Video Consultation


1-10 sessions: 90 minutes each


Year Round

Suitable for:

Businesses making their own in-house videos

Number of participants:

1-10 people


Starting at $150/per session

Your videos look great! Now let’s make them better. We’ll show you some basic strategies to make your in-house videos look professional regardless of what camera you’re using.

Topics covered in this course include:

Planning and Writing Advice

Good videos start with good pre-planning. We’ll provide you with resources and templates that will allow you easily visualize your ideas. With these resources you’ll save time, stay organized and understand what you’re making before you pick up the camera.

Basic Shooting Vocabulary

You’ll walk the walk and talk the talk after signing up for our video consultation. We’ll teach you some important film terms that will broaden your ability to classify good ideas when you see them. Knowing what to call certain camera movements, editing cuts and shot compositions allows you to write more detailed pre-planning notes as well.

Picking good Film Locations

Some areas are great for filming while others bring challenges. We’ll show you how to identify the best filming locations in your workplace and how to make them look like a set instead of an office building.

Feedback on your Videos

Your videos are awesome! But there may be a few areas that we could improve on. There are lots of moving parts to videos and ways we can provide feedback. Exposure, audio mix, fonts and composition are just a few. We’ll share our feedback criteria so you can begin giving yourself feedback to constantly be raising the bar.

Equipment Recommendations & Training

We can film a lot with very little. But sometimes a few extra pieces of inexpensive equipment can be the difference between an amateur and professional video. Let’s chat about what gear you have and what could be added to your wish list.

Ask us your Questions!

While we do have a program to follow, our consultations are informal and we’d love it if you brought specific questions with you. At the end of our time together, we want you feeling like we left no stone unturned.

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