Flash Photography

Learn how to use your speedlight

Flash Photography


2 hours


Spring, Summer & Fall

Suitable for:

Photographers who own a speedlight


Starting at $50/per hour

If you want to start taking professional studio photos then we should talk. Your flash will do more than just light up a room. We’ll teach you what the flash settings do and how to use them in 2 hours.

Topics covered in this course include:

Bounce Lighting

Bounce light is when we’re using light that’s reflecting off another surface to light our subject. We’ll show you how to size up a room and pick the best ways to bounce your speedlight. We’ll teach you how to simulate window light, create high contrast images and how to avoid problem bounce surfaces.

Zoom and Power Settings

Your speedlight’s automatic setting does a wonderful job. But did you know you can create different shapes of light with your speedlight? And that you can manually adjust it’s power? We can show you how to change these settings and when it’s suitable to change them to get different types of shots.

Coloured Gels

The white balance of your flash matches outdoor daylight. But we can use gels, which are coloured plastic sheets, to change that colour. We’ll show you how to use some inexpensive add-ons for your flash to help blend your speedlight with different types of lighting.

Sync Speed

Push your flash to the edge of it’s capabilities by taking some high sync speed photos. When our flash can overpower the sun and our camera can catch a speedlight’s flash at ultra fast shutter speeds we can start taking some truly artistic shots. Expand your artistic eye by learning how to use high sync speeds out in the field.

Ask us your Questions!

While we do have a program to follow, our workshops are very informal and we’d love it if you brought specific questions with you. At the end of the session, we want you feeling like we left no stone unturned.

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