Hours of hard work have gone into planning your event.  Engage our qualified team to capture the magic of it in full swing. Be it documentation, promotion, securing sponsorship, grant support material, or a commercial product –  adding our crew to the guest list is a smart decision.


From hyper wide to ultra compressed, we have lenses for all types of events. Our knowledge of wireless flash photography will benefit your event with colourful and vibrant images.


With an Indiana Jones bag full of primes over his shoulder, a camera around his neck and a gimbal in his right hand, Colin is ready to capture your event from all angles. He’s nice, well dressed and gets pro shots without anyone noticing.

Dual Coverage (Photo + Video)

Don’t miss a thing. Enlist our team of skilled event shooters to take care of both photo and video needs. Rather than hire two companies, the Empty Cup team works together like a well oiled machine.

Straight from the Portfolio

Learn more about the events we’ve been covering and connect with the Empty Cup community.

Event Coverage, Film & Television, Photography, Promo Videos

Recent Event Coverage

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