Videos for Municipalities, Regions & Provinces

About This Project

We have been making video and photo content for Durham Region, the City of Oshawa and the Robert McLaughlin Gallery since the mid 2010s. Our video camera has walked off the elevator on many different floors of the corporate offices in our area – from waste management to the Mayor’s office, the works department to communications. Here are a few cool projects we have worked on over the years.

Anti-ageism campaign | Durham Region

City Sizzle Reel with Slam Poem | City of Oshawa

myDurham 311 animation | Durham Region

Film Tourism | Durham Region

Anti-Immigration Discrimination Campaign | Durham Region

Virtual Peony Festival | City of Oshawa

Media Equipment Donation | Robert McLaughlin Gallery

Waste Management Career | Durham Region

Food Waste Reduction | Durham Region

Event Coverage, Promo Videos