Empty Cup Media is dedicated to spreading the love for digital storytelling. We host educational workshops for all ages and skill levels.

Courses & Media Programs

School Workshops

Lights! Camera! Action! Nothing gets students engaged quite like a hands-on video or photo workshop in the classroom. Let Colin and Carla share their workshop in your classroom that will touch on media literacy, oral presentation skills and writing. We’ll provide students with cameras, microphones and lights, and give them a rich learning experience they won’t soon forget.

Photography Workshops

Learn how to use your digital camera in a hands-on workshop with Colin. Using his own visual aids and exercises, he will explain camera settings and functions, how to achieve sharp focus and provide advice on equipment. From public school and college students to corporate teams, Colin has taught camera basics to people with a wide range of experience. His patience and technical knowledge allow him to teach anyone how they can make the most out of their digital tools!

Smartphone Video Workshops

“Smartphonography” is a growing trend that is revealing the inner journalist in everyone. You have the tools; now let Colin show you how a few free apps can easily produce custom video content. Learn how to shoot effective video with a smartphone, the basics of editing and how to post your final video right to social media. Step up the quality of your videos after one easy workshop.

Colin + Carla + a pile of professional equipment in a classroom full of kids = Hands-on learning magic!

With special funding, Colin and Carla have been creating specialized, targeted media programs since 2007. Their creative lessons fully engage the students in achieving Ministry expectations in ways that classroom teachers have neither the time, nor the equipment and training to deliver. Contact us to develop a customized program.

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.”

Robert McKee

Community Blog

Explore projects from Empty Cup Media’s education programs and student creations

We took headshots for the team at Longworth Dental in Bowmanville. Colin uses a 2 flash set up with either his 85mm f/1.2 or 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II. These shots were taken in tight quarters but the right angle helps give the office some depth....

We spent 14 glorious days in South Africa filming for a web series pilot in October 2016. Dawid de Wet is one of the tour guides at ToerBoer and his in depth knowledge of the area really gave us a deeper look at the country.......

As a media educator for nearly 10 years, Colin understands the balance of fun art projects and curriculum expectations. In just a half day of school, he can teach the students media literacy, provide them with hands-on learning experience and give teachers an opportunity to......

Using free software for your smartphone device, Colin will show you how to shoot and edit video right on your device in just a few hours. Learn how to create professional videos to advertise your business; or post a video of your event the day after......

Get a new camera recently? Are you intimidated by all the buttons so you’re still shooting on automatic mode? Or are you ready to take your photography understanding to a professional level? Sign up for Colin’s three hour photography workshop and upgrade your skills! Class......