High School Mentorship

Make your hobby videos professional

High School Mentorship: Virtual guidance


1-10 virtual sessions: 1 hour each


Year Round

Suitable for:

High School students who shoot and edit videos for fun


Starting at $40/per hour

If you make your own hobby videos but feel like you’ve hit the ceiling of creativity, we should talk. We can help make the content you’re already making look more professional.

Topics covered in this course include:

Feedback on your videos

Share your YouTube channel with us and we’ll subscribe! After watching some of your videos we’ll serve up a compliment sandwich which is some areas to improve upon surrounded by some good stuff you’re doing. Feedback is an integral part of video creation and we can teach you how to give feedback on your own videos.

Skill Development

Let’s shake up your channel’s content a bit and create some different kinds of videos. We’ll share some resources with you that’ll teach you some quick shooting and tricks you can use to broaden your playlist styles.

Film Challenges

Want to film something but don’t know where to start? We can share some wisdom and styles from some professional directors and offer small filming challenges to get the gears turning.

YouTube Channel Tweaking

If you talk shop with someone in the video business, they’ll probably ask “Do you have a portfolio”? Your YouTube can be your business card so let’s design it properly so you can impress someone in the industry.

Ask us your Questions!

Our workshops are very informal and we’d love it if you brought specific questions with you. These sessions shouldn’t be one sided – we want discussion, sharing and ideas to be flowing both ways.

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