“Right Now” PSA

Social Justice Public Service Announcement

“Right Now” PSA

This two and a half minute video is a product of an Artist in Residence project through the Durham District School Board. Local artist Colin Burwell visited Sir Samuel Steele Public School to teach an English lesson through cinematography for three straight days to three grade 8 classes.

Days one and two he showed examples of other student-made PSA videos, explained the meaning behind the different types of shots and how simple enhancements to the video on the computer can add further meaning to video. Colin talked about writing for video (as opposed to be read in your head) and how the line is delivered can easily change the feel of the video.

Every grade 8 student wrote three sentences based on a formula that Colin came up with

1. “Right now” _____________(a social justice issue of their choice) “is” _____________________(the current status of that issue) 2. “With my help” ___________________(what is the effect of you taking action towards the social justice issue)

3. “I am” __________________(personal reflection)

The video was shot on Colin’s third visit to the school and it was shot within school hours in one day. Small groups of 4-6 students came at a time to say their three lines into the camera – we used a cool boom mic to capture the audio.

Hope you like it!