Empty Cup Co-op Student

Empty Cup Co-op Student

Over the past four months, Empty Cup had Nicolette join the team as a co-op student. She had the opportunity to work every day with Colin and Carla while they were shooting, editing and running the business. Nicolette was given the task to shoot and edit three different types of promotional videos for the company over four months. She used professional DSLR cameras with a variety of stabilization tools under guidance from Carla and Colin. At the end of her term, she had an excellent portfolio DVD she can use to apply to school, her overall joy of shooting video and editing increased dramatically and she also grew as a person.

Any college would be pumped to have a student like Nicolette in their first year program 🙂

Here are Nicolette’s videos!

The Future of ECM: (shot and edited by Nicolette)

Fun Times: (shot and edited by Nicolette)

The Business Process: (shot and edited by Nicolette)