Heal Myself Documentary

Feature Length Film

Heal Myself Documentary

This is the largest project we have worked on. We shot for over 9 years (most of which was done in the last 2), which gave us about 200 hours of raw material. It was a new challenge for us to organize thousands of files for a single edit. The real story was buried within those clips and we had to sift through it all to pick it out.

Kate lived in BC while we were making this film, so whenever she traveled to Ontario to host workshops or put on concerts, we were there with our cameras. She is a talented public speaker who students can really connect with. We witnessed lots of inspiration in the faces of her fans and the new friends she makes at every show. It was great to see her change so many lives through our lenses.

We also flew out to stay with her in Vancouver for a week. That’s where we shot most of our interviews, so it was a super packed schedule to speak with nearly a dozen people in a week. While we were there, we rented a studio to film interviews in. It had large paper backdrops, reflectors and lots of space. Kate had seemed like a bit of a celebrity to us when we started the project, but it was around this trip that our friendship began to blossom. We were spending time together 24/7 and we really got to know each other as people behind our instruments.

To help pay for Carla to edit the film, we ran a Kickstarter campaign in October 2014. We were successful in raising the $25,000 needed to complete the edit, pay for music mastering and hire an animator. 268 people backed our film because they support the message of the film and of Kate’s music: Be proud of who you are.

Here is the teaser video for the film:


This is the Kickstarter campaign video we used to drive our message:


We made many supporting videos to leak during our crowd funding campaign. This one is about Spencer Harrison, a fan of Kate Reid’s.


Here’s another crowd funding video about one of Kate’s old high school friends: