ToerBoer: South Africa

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ToerBoer: South Africa

This was a trip of a lifetime. Carla and Colin visited South Africa for two weeks in October, 2016 and it changed their lives. Visiting Africa was high up on Carla’s bucket list, so when an opportunity to film another episode of a web series we’re working on with Shayne Traviss arose, we jumped right on it. Dawid De Wet, our South African correspondent and tour guide at ToerBoer, worked with Shayne to plan a perfect plan for the 26 people who were participating in the trip. After an 8 hour layover in London, we landed in Johannesburg only to be whisked off into the back country to see some raw South Africa scenery.

We did so much – we visited the 2nd largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere, pet a baby rhino, danced around a fire in the outback while keeping watch for dangerous animals, planted some trees, ate bugs, learned about how connected all the animals are with the plants and land… it was mind blowing.

Some of the people we met had incredible back stories. Gerrit Rautenbach, one of our guides, once visited the congo and had his nose picked by a gorilla! Our bus driver Ernest had visited villages where women had never cut their hair. And Dawid knows everything about the animals and plant life wherever we go.

After the two weeks of filming, they had over 200GB of files to back up. This video focuses on Dawid’s travel company and the magic he brings to his trips.