Vincent Massey PS: HERO

Student made film

Vincent Massey PS: HERO

This project was possible with funding through the Ontario Arts Council. Empty Cup wrote a “Let’s make a movie!” grant application and the money allowed us to do the project in three different schools. We visited each school for three full days and we transformed the class into a movie crew. We taught the students about filmmaking, showed them equipment and provided them with an unfinished movie script. Then they signed up for film roles: actors, camera, audio, lights, make up, hair, set design, location scouts, music, artists, directors – the works! Each student was responsible for their portion of the project and everyone’s contribution was used in the final product. Students brought in props and costumes and the movie was shot right in their school. Students learn core curriculum through these hands on activities and have a lot of fun trying out many different film roles. The movie was screened at the school’s year end open house and was seen by many of the students’ families.

Here is the main feature film:


Of course, there are always bloopers when you make long videos:


And this is a behind the scenes look of the day 1 class: