Gerdau Metal Recycling

Walkthrough video

Gerdau Metal Recycling

Want to make money selling scrap metal? Gerdau Metal Recycling in south Oshawa will pay you in cash on site for your scrap metal. Grab a box and stash it in your garage and throw any bit of scrap metal you come across and when the box is full take it to Gerdau and drop it off and make some cash. Yeah you can take metal to the Regional waste management site but you pay to drop it off. It’s the exact same process at Gerdau but they pay you instead. Some people have a small business collecting scrap metal and dropping it off here. It’s a neat pocket of entrepreneurship.

The scrap yard is pretty big and someone who hasn’t dropped metal off before might not know where to drive. Gerdau Oshawa recognized this and contacted Empty Cup Media to make a walkthrough video explaining how to navigate around the site. After a few phone calls and an approved quote Colin did a site visit to do a physical walkthrough himself. He made notes, asked questions and then boiled it all down into digestible language for a short video.

Colin did the shooting in about 2 hours using two GH5 cameras at 4k 10-bit. One camera was on a Rage Evo gimbal with an 11-18mm f/2.8 lens for all the walking shots. He also had a small side bag with his second camera with a Canon 24-105mm f/4.0 lens for punch in shots. The internal stabilization in the GH5 is incredible so shooting handheld for static shots was easy. Keeping the rigs down during a run and gun shoot keeps the feet nimble and quick.

We went through a few rounds of revisions to adjust some of the voice over language and graphics which is pretty standard for corporate videos. Check the video out and save your metal for some easy money.