Waste Management Careers

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Waste Management Careers

Some corporate videos are easier to write than others. When Durham Region asked Empty Cup Media to make three videos highlighting careers in the waste management department, we knew some writing challenges were ahead – but not where we initially expected. Colin took a crack at writing short video scripts for a by-law officer, policy planner and clerk within the waste management team. It turned out that the policy planner was the easiest video to write which was the opposite to our initial reaction.

By-law officers are the police of waste. They deal with illegal dumping, issue fines, drive around the suburbs distributing flyers to people who don’t use their waste bins properly.
Policy planners are laptop people. They think, plan, read charts and look ahead to when there will be a lot more people in the region and what the heck we are going to do with all their waste.
Clerk are the fine folk at the waste management site who help direct customers, drive huge vehicles, sort bins and get a good tan.

The easiest corporate videos to write are ones with very tangible visuals. The by-law officer drives around, looks at stuff, takes photos, and so there are easy things to film. But videos like policy planners are thought to be harder because there are fewer physical moving parts. Which is why it was surprising that the policy planner video was a quick write. The by-law officer video posed the largest challenge.

Colin wanted to write over the top ideas (because the target audience is high school students) but the client insisted that everything in the video is true to their job as to not misrepresent the career. Which is understandable, but in that process a lot of great ideas were cut. It’s a balance we often find ourselves in: the main dish and the spices. Too bland or too overpowering with flavour.

We hope you see the beauty within the fabulous world of waste management through these videos. Which job would best suit your lifestyle?

Waste Management Career: By-law officer

Waste Management Career: Policy Planner

Waste Management Career: Clerk