Headshot Photography

You look amazing!

Headshot Photography


Armed with a portable softbox and a second flash on a boom stand, we are supercharged with the right stuff to take some sweet headshots. Depending on what the client wants, we can bring our own white backdrop to shoot against, or we can use your workspace to find a good angle to blur out in the background.

Shooting on a white backdrop requires a lot more set up. The stand it’s on can lift up to about 10 feet high and is just under 5 feet wide. The set up also requires an additional light to point directly at the white backdrop to achieve that pure infinity white. The photos in the gallery have a 2 light set up – a 3 foot softbox is doing all the heavy lifting on the persons face and there is a hidden flash the person is standing in front of and it’s pointed back at the white paper. The set up takes roughly 20 minutes to set up.

Taking headshots in your office space does require a few key things. I like shooting headshots towards the long side of a room in an office set up to create the most depth as possible. This really helps blur the background even more to create a soft background for the headshot. Having that length to a room also allows me to put a coloured uplight in the background to align with branding or to create coloured shadows all without the coloured light interfering with the skin tones. Shooting in a space with good ceiling height is very helpful too. Basement drop ceilings limit where I can put my softbox so I can’t control the shadows as much. Lastly, white ceilings are helpful in maintaining true colour in the photo as well.

Our headshot kit is nice and portable so if you’re looking for local headshots in the Durham Region then get in touch. It only takes about 90 minutes to take headshots of a small team so it won’t disrupt the flow too much. And we shoot with a Canon 85mm f/1.2 L lens so we can maintain our social distance while taking the photos.