Art Gallery of Northumberland

Short Documentary

Art Gallery of Northumberland

The Art Gallery of Northumberland (AGN) is a collecting gallery in Coburg, Ontario and they were the recipient of over 100 paintings from Ronnie Kaplansky in 2020. The AGN asked Empty Cup to make a short film about the generous donation as well as a few social media videos to help promote the exhibition made from those works. Colin visited Ronnie’s home in Toronto to get b-roll of his house, his art collection and to do an interview with the 80 year old philanthropist, artist and graphic designer. A few weeks later he visited the AGN to see the works being unpacked as well as an interview with the gallery’s CEO Olinda Casimiro.

Because of Covid, the exhibition was delayed a few times. But the works have now been seen by the public in their exhibition “Drawn to the Horizon”. More information about the exhibit can be found on the AGN website here:

We hope you enjoy the short film! Below are the 3 social media videos we cut using footage from the documentary.


Main Documentary


Social 1


Social 2


Social 3