DRIFF 2017 Marketing Campaign

Durham Region International Film Festival

About This Project

2017 was the third annual Durham Region International Film Festival. This was the first year that it was run as a non-for-profit instead of being organized by the Region. Our Board of Directors was made up of about a dozen like minded community members with different skills and a zest for local films. Carla and Colin’s roles before the festival were with planning, marketing, designing and ordering swag and social media work. During the festival we took photos and videos, hosted a panel discussion, coordinated live hits for Rogers Television, helped manage the media team volunteers and set up/tear down.

Empty Cup created the first set of marketing tools for the newly branded festival and to make our social media pages and website look sharp. Once we had our logo designed by a contractor and fonts chosen, we started making really simple videos with a catchy reoccurring song like this:



We hired a programmer to sift through the piles of films submitted through www.filmfreeway.com and choose a suitable number of films. After Eric selected all of the films, we were able to create the first big piece of marketing material – a snazzy ad:

As well as this video to kick off the festival:


The festival is running again in 2018 with a few modifications to it. All of the information about showtimes, ticket sales and selected films, visit www.driff.ca. Their social media handle is  @catchtheDRIFF and hashtag #driff.

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