DRIFF 2017-2022 Marketing

Durham Region International Film Festival

About This Project

The Durham Region International Film Festival runs every fall in Durham Region and Empty Cup Media sponsors the festival by creating various video products including their main promos and marketing videos. We also do the photo and video coverage of the event. Those assets are used in wrap up reports, sponsorship thank yous, social media content and some other stuff.

In 2020 when the world was turned sideways due to Covid the festival went 2/3 virtual and 1/3 Drive in. This was the year the festival did their most live streams with complex set ups involving multiple cameras, webcams, live graphics and pre-recorded assets. Shout out to Phil and Laurie who were champions in figuring out all of the frustrating technical snafus.

Each year we cut a promo together for the festival based on the film content that was submitted and some basic information. It’s been a challenge to continue to edit new styles of promos each year but we think they are evolving nicely. The 2020 promo features some stock video footage from old timey drive in commercials. It was hilarious digging through some 1950s commercials (some of which don’t age well) and pulling sound bites for the promo.

All of the information about showtimes, ticket sales and selected films, visit www.driff.ca. Information about this year’s festival will become more clear as we move closer to to the event. Their social media handle is @catchtheDRIFF and hashtag #driff.

Here are the promo videos for each year.

2022 Mega Montage (using clips from past 5 years)

2021 Promo

2021 Drive-in Safety Promo


2020 Promo

2019 Promo

2019 submissions advertisement

2018 promo

2017 promo


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